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This is the World's Premier Backpacking site for travel to Africa, to be found anywhere on the Internet. Index.html

Backpack Africa is exclusively for the service of information transfer between backpacker service providers and backpackers travelling Africa. It's a revolutionary move to put us all on the same wavelength as we cruise down the information highway together. Exclusive to the backpacking industry, we're including a live booking system, working through both E-mail, Fax and even Cell Phone lines. Using this customised system we are able to book you into just about any hostel, anywhere. The site is manned and maintained almost 24 hours a day and we will deal with as many enquiries, and help plan as many trips as is electronically possible. Enjoy the hike and let us know how things go!

In recent years Africa is has become one of the World fastest growing travel destinations. With cultural diversities, from the tall Masai Warriors in Kenya to the peaceful San Bushman of the Kalahari Desert. Their rich, traditional ways of life prove to be an experience of both intrigue and fascination to the Backpacker. Nowhere on earth does wildlife exist that is "still wild" and in their natural habitats, to the same extent as the great Nature Reserves of the Masai Mara, Ngorogoro Crater, Kalhari Gemsbok, Chobe, Etosha Pan, Hwange and the Kruger National Park.

Backpack Africa has been on-line since 1996. Some establishments have been with us from the outset and continue to offer excellent service and value for money, while other, new members are required to meet our stringent standards before signing on. These factors combined together offer you the Backpacker the largest portfolio available. You will have peace of mind that you have reserved an establishment or tour of quality, run by people with both experience and expertise.

The worldwide demand for booking on-line and the real-time booking network we have established has ensured that Backpack Africa will grow to a membership of more than 1000 by the year 2002.


Plan your trip from Cape Town to Kenya and book yourself into the accommodation or onto the tour of your choice. Never before has information, as up to date as what is displayed in the following pages, been available to you on your personal computer. Member establishments maintain there own details and update them on a daily basis, bringing you any last minute specials or events they have on offer. Keep an eye out for discount details on the Specials Page.

Adventure activities abound on this continent. Shark cage diving in Cape Town; Bungy Jumping at Victoria Falls; Scuba Diving at Ponta du Ouro or Zanzibar; White River Rafting on the Zambezi or Nile; Clime Kilimajaro; Hot Air Ballooning in the Magaliesberg; Sky Diving wherever you want to..........

For those who prefer a bit of comfort, watch the net and this site for details as our sister site, BednBreakfast Africa comes on line offering you the best of upmarket establishments throughout Africa.

When you book with Backpack Africa you are guarantee the integrity of any bookings, that you are dealing with a reputable company and that every effort to make your travels an enjoyable experience has been made.


Go to the Chat Page and ask other travelers where they've been and what they've seen. Meet with other travel partners or catch up with friends you lost contact with. Share your experiences with those just starting out or learn how others did it and plan how you will do it the next time.

Get up to date info' on what the weather or political situation is like - first hand and not a version dramatised by the media.


This site has been built by a team of people who are considered experts in the field of backpacking. All have backpacked extensively throughout the world. All have owned or still do own their own businesses which deal with backpacker tourism on a daily basis.

What this means is that we understand the needs of the backpacker and have incorporated them into the site wherever possible. Through many meetings with tour companies and accommodation establishments a comprehensive specification of their requirements was compiled and entered in the database that provides the information and content on these pages.


Backpack Africa places you at the forefront of technology. You are able to make on-line real-time bookings through our network and Booking Engine. This means that when you use the system and book a vacant room or places on a tour all you need to do is pay the deposit and your booking is confirmed. Gone are the days where your travel plans are at the mercy of unanswered emails flying back and forth across the superhighway.

When your reservation is made you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your booking and the items you reserved are removed from the system and held specifically for you. All reservations and payments are traceable via a unique booking reference number which is stored by the Booking Engine. All bookings concluded on the Backpack Africa network are subject to our standard booking conditions.


Plan your holiday from the comfort of your armchair. When you enter the Booking Engine you can build yourself an itinerary and work out exactly how much your trip is going to cost before you confirm any of your bookings. If you logon as a User you will be required to fill in an easy form with your details. The Currency Converter will automatically calculate the cost in the currency of your choice and display the total cost for you in figures you can understand. Once you confirm and pay the deposit, your itinerary will be stored in the Booking Engine, which you can access any time you like by simply logging on with your User Name and Password.


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